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Have a content strategy specific to the desired audience. Don’t just start pushing out content!

We at Oakwood believe that the success of Brand Content Marketing and SEO is dependent on having the right content strategy that will have clearly stipulated the focus target audience, the brand offering and promise, clear narrative and effective use of social media tools for content optimization. Our brand content marketing services include:

Brand Content Marketing & SEO

1. Corporate Vlogging

Vlogging is basically marketing video content. Video is the most engaging medium available online today. If you want your prospects and customers to retain the information you give them, and if you want to build an emotional bond between your brand and your customers, you really should consider vlogging on social media channels such as YouTube, Instagram’s IGTV, SnapChat, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Just by starting a YouTube/IGTV channel for your business and filling it with fun, interesting, and informative vlogs related to your company, you can give your customers a sense that they really know you and that they can trust you and your products or services.


2. Corporate Blogging

By creating unique content your target audience want to read and promoting the blogs via social media and other content marketing methods, Oakwood will attract significantly more traffic to your site over the next three months. It starts with optimizing the blog itself, which we can do with a variety of plugins and SEO tweaks.

We write a variety of blogs each year for our clients, and we’ve found it’s not about how much content you post to your site, but how targeted the content is and how well you’re able to promote it. This is also true of the SEO side of blogging, and there’s a very intense strategy to that — our writers take great pains to ensure each post is optimized, including formatting, internal and external linking, etc.


3. Digital Channel Management (Website and Social Media)

Corporates may opt to have Oakwood manage their website and social media pages over a contracted period and based on agreed upon brand metrics. From daily posts, hashtag creation and management, online reputation management, customer service, social media monitoring etc, Oakwood is the right partner for you due to our deep understanding and experience of social media and digital branding at large.

We will make unique posts and publications on your website and social media accounts which will be a combination of videos, text, custom graphics and articles to drive awareness, engagement and conversion. Every piece of unique content that we develop and/or disseminate for you will be promoted on web and social media. Not only will this increase the number of people who will read this content, but it will improve your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as well. 

Social media page management will include customer service. When people are unhappy or happy about a program or product, they’ll often head to social media to voice their opinions. We’ll respond to any feedback that’s received promptly and courteously. We’ll also answer any questions that potential users may have.


4. Social Media Advertising

It’s not every day that you are able to produce viral content for a brand. These have become unicorns nowadays. Therefore, advertising cannot be avoided. But the real challenge is understanding the in’s and out’s of social media advertising, how to get started, what to spend and how each network operates. You need not look any further because this is our area of expertise. We keep with the fast changing provider algorithms, consumer tastes and preferences and client budgets. We have over time mastered the art of social media targeting whether by geo-targeting, behaviour targeting, economic, social or phycho-graphics in order to ensure that we optimize your ad reach and impact.

While keeping algorithms in mind, what we emphasize most to all our clients is that, great content is the foundation of social media advertising success. We therefore assist clients to develop iconic and engaging audio-visual content for their social media advertising while ensuring that the ONLY Ads Campaign objective we shall be pushing is conversion.


5. Event Activations on the digital platforms

Live feeds from an event uploaded online have proven to be viral when it comes to creating awareness about a brand event taking place whilst eliciting interest from the target audience. However, they are not effective in deepening audience engagement with the brand. To address this, we employ a much deeper participatory strategy of information flow and engagement to win the hearts and minds of the audience and build brand equity.

Over time, we have developed effective pre-during and post event activation models that suit different events. We have invested in the right team and on-site equipment to ensure your brand leverages on every event planned for and deepen its target audience engagement while building brand equity.

6. Monitoring & Evaluation

The most satisfying bit about digital media is the fact that they generate instant analytics which we can use to assess the performance of the brand and through the brand funnel, be able to identify areas of intervention. Beyond the readily available statistics, Oakwood subscribes to leading social media statistics and analytics providers, ensuring that your brand is properly assessed using global standards. We will regularly review these statistics and keep improving on the digital strategy and ultimately the overarching brand strategy.

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