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The success of digital branding begins with great content.

For any brand catering to the digital era of clientele especially the Millennials and Generation-Z, developing compelling audio-visual content combined with transparent and open engagement is key. The success of digital branding begins with great content. Having presence only as your only strategy for the digital platform is a thing of the past century. Now the focus is on great content, deep engagement and e-commerce. Here is how Oakwood will make that possible for you.


1. Docuseries for IGTV or YouTube Channel

We can produce for you a docuseries (A video series that follows a particular person or group of people and their involvement in real events and situations over a period of time e.g. ‘a docuseries about the Nairobi Restaurant’s Week, about your Brand’s major event’, ‘a four-part docuseries chronicling your Brand’s participation in a global event’).

A recent example of a Celebrity Docuseries is that of Ariana Grande’s new You Tube docuseries her 2017 Dangerous Woman World Tour. The docuseries is a four-part docuseries. The docuseries includes footage from her Manchester benefit show and the making of her last album, Sweetener. All four episodes have been made available on YouTube Premium (at $9.99 for a subscription) or for free on Ariana’s official YouTube channel rolled out over four weeks of December 2018. We have observed that great content would usually generate a lot of talk-ability for a brand and would be requested for my major networks seeking viral content therefore extending your reach as a brand.


Digital Brand Content Production

2. Documercial

We can also produce for your a documercial i.e. a longer-form online video that breaks the conventions of the traditional 30-second television spot and aims to defy audiences’ chronically short attention spans with content they’ll keep watching. That instinct to share is in itself a huge trend for the ad industry: according to research from Nielsen, 92 per cent of consumers trust “earned” media – such as word-of-mouth messages or recommendations from friends and family – more than all other advertising. On top of that, marketers’ ad budgets are increasingly under pressure, meaning that launching an ad that people will pass around on their own in the digital space is a highly attractive prospect for brands trying to get noticed on a smaller media budget.

The documercial can also be done in docuseries format where the story is phased out and released in bits. The cost of the docuseries shall be per clip produced.


3. Informercial

We can produce for you a short infomercial video (one that combines information presentation with an integrated suggestion to buy a particular product or service by way of a discussion or demonstration). We recommend the development of infomercials to clients who have products and/or services that require consumers to be given a demo on how it works, or they want to hear a testimonial, or more information on the product before they buy/invest. Whether it’s a business, an NGO or a Government entity, infomercials are the sure way to educate your audience about a specific product/service you are offering.


4. Video Op-eds

Many have come to the conclusion that “Print media is dead”. Whether you agree wit them or not, what we at Oakwood believe is that digital is King at the moment and shall be so in the foreseeable future. With this in mind, we have specially developed this service to cater for Media houses, Columnists and journalists who write Op-Eds that are published in the print media. This service allows this target audience to convert their written pieces into compelling audiovisual content that can then be optimised in the digital media. Whilst anyone can create videos, Oakwood has a unique manner in which it develops its content so that it is iconic, modern and has a high virality potential.


Digital Brand Content Production

5. Social Media Graphics

The driver of social media communication today is great graphics and videos. To develop social media graphics that generate a pause to view effect when a target audeince is scrolling through their social media timeline is not an easy task. It requires that you invest in professionals who understand the target audience (and who are largely millennial), what drives them, what colours, images,  fonts, messaging etc would make them pause.


Digital Brand Content Production


Beyond pausing to view, the graphics must be compelling enough to drive engagement and conversion. That’s why you need to invest in Oakwood to develop social media graphics for your brand and campaign messaging.

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