Global Corporate Re-brand

Global Corporate Re-brand


Our client Designer Tours and Travel Limited is in the tours and travel industry and has over 18 years experience in organizing and delivering inbound vacation experience across East Africa. The company has a global network of tour partners such as Kim Kim, Koning App, Better Places, Evaneos etc and attracts tourists from all over the world. The client approached Oakwood seeking to boost the digital presence of their brand.

The Challenge: Update this Brand into the modern look and feel in order to position it for the luxury safari market, launch new business lines (Golf Safari), and Deepen its reach and engagement with the rich millennials.

Our Approach: We undertook an in depth diagnosis of the problem at hand and realized immediately that here was first and fore most, a need for rebranding.

Visual Brand Identity Design: We begun by refreshing the logo, animating it in order to bring it life. The logo in particular is inspired by nature. Nature has such vibrant colours, if your care to see the birds, fish, butterflies, zebras, giraffes etc all that we see while on safari. It is what draws us in. We thought; why not bring all that into the logo so that you see and feel the vibrancy that comes with a Designer Safari? Designer Tours and Travel Limited now goes by its new brand name “Designer Safari”. This new brand has been applied to all its corporate stationery, website, digital channels, safari collateral materials and tour vehicles.

The Tagline: We needed a simple tagline that achieves 3 things; a) is SEO rich, b) clearly states the brand positioning and c) communicates the brand promise. And after much search, we found “Delightful-Bespoke-Experiences”.

New Website Development with E-commerce Add on: We developed the new website with a focus on showcasing destinations covered by Designer Safari, Available Tour Packages per destination, but more importantly, the ability to book and pay for your tour package on the website. The average transaction being USD 1500 meant that we had have maximum web security and that the money integration is with reputable payment gateways. The website is continually being optimized for Search Engines.

Content Development and Marketing: We are currently at this stage and will update you on this as we move along. The target audience is global as the tourist source markets are both local and international in nature.

In conclusion, we believe that with the refreshed brand, the design-ish element of the brand comes out more clearly, the colours are incredibly loud and harmonious (inspired by nature safari) and the tagline communicates the brand positioning and promise clearly. The deeper level of the rebrand was in the delivery of the brand promise across all the touch points of a designer safari which the client ensured is done we had sufficient substantiation of it. Get in touch with Oakwood to know more about the re-branding process and how you too could have your brand refreshed.

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Project duration: 6 Months, renewable subject to performace.

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