Commercial Real Estate Sales Campaign

Commercial Real Estate Sales Campaign


Our Client Rotrite Limited approached us to help sell a 0.9 acre commercial plot they own along along Waiyaki Way, next to Deloitte East Africa Offices.

Scope of work: Digital Promotion development, deployment and management.

Our Strategy: As we developed our promotional strategy, we quickly figured that in order to sell such a high value a piece of land, we needed to demonstrate the strategic value of the property from a) The Location perspective b) The Size of the Land c) The Amenities on and around the land d) The future potential of the area and strategic investments government and private sector was making in the area, and finally and very importantly, e) The Credibility of the land owner and the absence of any incumberances on the land.

Key Challenge: Finding the target audience that could buy a commercial real estate in the price of 3.5 Million Dollars (Kshs 350 million) within the digital space.

How we did it: We deployed our intense digital customer mining system (using demographics and psychographics) we have developed here at Oakwood in order to reach “only” the right audience and therefore utilize the advertising budget very efficiently.

Being a digital campaign, video became the flagship asset for deployment. Watch our video aside. Beyond the video which ran on social media, we developed animated Google adverts and also used Google Search ads. Talk to us to see more on this project and find out how you too could have your real estate asset sold for you.

Call +254 777 100036

Campaign Duration: 60 Days

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